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Dr. Maureen Muoneke advises on the regimen to follow during pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase for a woman in her life feels Dr. Maureen Muoneke. The moments are most cherished and feeling of “being a mother soon” stays with a lady forever. To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, it is imperative to take care of baby in the womb. This could be possible in few simple but very important steps. Yes my dear ladies, these really work effectively during those cherished nine months. The span of these months is all about discipline and a strict preparation for the baby to come. A lady gets to know about new things that can help enhance optimal development of the baby in womb. Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD presents some tips that ensure smart choices for your baby who is developing in your womb.

Frequent visits to your doctor – Your doctor is your best guide during your pregnancy phase feels Maureen Muoneke. Ensure regular visits to your doctor to discuss about your condition and mental state. You should not hesitate to clear any doubt distracting you during pregnancy. Ask him questions to clear them completely. Doctor would screen you frequently to let you know about the health of your baby.

Maureen Muoneke MD on Balanced Diet – This should be on top of your priority list. Eating balanced diet ensures you baby is getting enough feed. You baby is getting food through you so your diet must not be compromised in any scenario. Your diet must have green vegetables, fruits, whole grains providing the supplementary vitamin-B and minerals like omega-3 that are essential throughout this time. Dairy products like milk, curd, cheese that offer essential calcium, vitamins A and D. Steer clear of junk food, fish products, undercooked meat, raw eggs. Diet containing excess of fat, sugar and unhealthy oils must be restricted. Eat as if you are feeding your baby. Ultimately, the food you eat is provided to baby in womb.

The importance of prenatal vitamins – Since your body requires optimal development so prenatal vitamins can lend a hand giving your baby a growing body developed with all the necessary nutrients. These vitamins generally lack in regular diet. You doctor can guide you best on the supplement to be taken during pregnancy.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs – You will have to avoid consuming harmful things into your body since a new life is resting inside you. Avoid alcohol or any kind beverages containing the same. Even stay away from the recreational drugs as they may harm your baby’s health. Smoking is another habit you should steer clear from.

Sleep well during pregnancy – Sleep is indeed important during pregnancy. You should take enough sleep for a healthy pregnancy. Try to use pillows to rest your legs in case you face issues with it. Adequate sleep will keep you fresh throughout the day.

Exercise to maintain health – It is recommended by most of the doctors to exercise frequently during pregnancy to ensure healthy body. However, it has been a misconception among people that exercising during pregnancy is not good for baby rather it ensures smoother pregnancy.

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  1. Jack Stephen says:

    You have share really information tips ,these tips are really useful for pregnancy woman..

  2. Being pregnant is really exciting, and having a baby is the most amazing thing that can happen in our lives.

  3. joshgonze20 says:

    This is really nice blog and you have share useful tips . Pregnancy is an ideal time to start taking really good care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

  4. ApproveMe says:

    Informative article you have share ..

  5. Annie says:

    It’s important for your general health and also can help reduce stress. Take a pregnancy exercise class or walk at least fifteen to twenty minutes every day at a moderate pace. Walk in cool, shaded areas or indoors in order to prevent overheating.

  6. This is really nice blog …

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    Informative article …

  8. See your dentist before you get pregnant and brush your teeth daily.

  9. Jack Stephen says:

    You have share really informative blog ..

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