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Dental Health during Pregnancy – Debunking some Myths with Maureen Muoneke


This is an important time for the maintenance or starting of dental hygiene feels Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD. It is important also to dispel the myth of “no dentist during pregnancy”

Pregnancy is a time when there are a lot of changes in the hormonal balance in the pregnant mother, there are lots of physiological changes including increases in fluid and blood volume can result in dental caries & gum disease.

1. Pregnancy can be negatively impacted by poor dental health. It is important to obtain needed dental care & treatment anytime during pregnancy. Women should also get a scheduled cleaning at least once during pregnancy

2. It is alright to receive XRays that are necessary for the diagnosis & treatment of dental problems during pregnancy, this should only be done if necessary, and with the safe use of appropriate shieldings.

3. It is alright to use Non-NSAID analgesics like acetaminophen; narcotics can be used if needed, this will have to be prescribed by either your dentist or obstetrician.

4. Certain Antibiotics can be used in pregnancy, eg amoxicillin, your dentist should clear the use of such antibiotics with you obstetrician.

5. Local anesthesia can be used during dental work to prevent pain. Your dentist is aware of what type and doses to use.

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Article Resource : http://drmaureenmuonekemd.com/2013/12/20/dental-health-during-pregnancy-debunking-myths-with-dr-maureen-muoneke-md/


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