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Dr. Maureen Muoneke gives a humane touch to medical treatment


I still remember the day Rebecca entered my office. The lady was an individual who had lost her self-esteem and was in deep difficulty. The very fact that she wasn’t able to get pregnant even after 5 years of marriage was taking its toll not simply physically, but also mentally and also emotionally. Rebecca was really a chirpy individual lively during her college times as informed to me by one of her buddies who’s known to me and on whose reference Rebecca had been meeting me.

Emotional Assistance essential in accordance with Dr. Maureen Muoneke

While sitting in my clinic I was able to comprehend the state of mind that Rebecca had been under-going. The lady broke down repeatedly. The fact that she was not in the position to have a baby in itself was there on her head however the lack of emotional service from the society as well as family was something that was actually taking a toll on this young lady. Being a Physician and having researched a bit of Human mindset I was able to recognize that despite the fact that the woman was being backed by her loved ones in meeting new physicians however no-one was there whenever she needed a shoulder to cry. She cried however in solitude. Today she’d a shoulder i.e. Dr. Maureen Muoneke’s. Given that, I understand the actual emotional, physical and mental upheavals one undergoes in this period of life.

Emotional and also Mental Support In conjunction with Medical Treatment – Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD

I was equipped to have an understanding of Rebecca’s problem had been a lot more regarding the emotional and mental stress, the particular concerns which had taken over in her own pursuit to conceive we executed a number of tests which were all normal, there was no evident indication that she couldn’t achieve as well as carry a pregnancy.

The problem with Rebecca was that she was emotionally unpredictable and wouldn’t rely on virtually any doctor or physician with any of their treatments. She had built an idea that she was infertile and will not be in a position to bear a child.

This is when we won the combat. Considering that one of Rebecca’s friends was known to me she’d this kind of great feeling of belief in me. I had been in a position to build on that trust, as well as made her speak to a handful of my past patients who’d benefitted immediately after treatment with me in past times. This was a major enhance towards the trusting relationship I was wanting to build with Rebecca. I explained to her the possible difficulty why she wasn’t capable of have a baby. She had a small thyroid disorder. She appeared to be averse to taking drugs. Her deep aversion for prescription drugs was noticeable when she flatly refused to have any of the prescribed drugs I had recommended for her. She was prepared for surgery treatment but absolutely no medicines please she told me.

It was a thing rather unanticipated even for me since individuals presented responses that had been quite contrary that Rebecca had. Half an hour of counselling and making her understand the utilization of medicines & of medical procedures relied about the nature of the issue; unindicated surgical treatment can only hurt not help, each had its own indicators, along with associated hazards and also positive aspects. What was the real cause of Rebecca’s aversion? However I was not finished as yet and planned to meet her husband.

Rebecca’s husband along with Rebecca’s Mother in law were waiting for me the very next day in my clinic the very next day after meeting Rebecca. They realized Rebecca’s reaction for medicines. I had thirty minutes session with each of them and was able to convince them the value of the medicines I’d recommended for her. I was able to sell my point to them and they were convinced of my logics as well as medical reasons aside from that they were able to see a change in Rebecca’s perspective since she had met me yesterday. Both mother and son were seeing a ray of hope and I was determined to help get them the happiness they had looking for the past 5 years.

A number of follow-ups over the up coming three months which included me personally dropping in to Rebecca’s house with my friend along with Rebecca visiting my clinic, meeting with her husband and his mom; Rebecca concieved.

I was prepared to leave office that evening and grabbed the ringing landline assuming that here is the last call for the day I will take on the landline. I was able to hear a voice I wasn’t able to recognize, the lady was Rebecca, ecstatic just like a child who just won her very first painting competition. She broke the news; she was pregnant and she was on her way to my clinic. Although it was already late however I planned to wait for the girl that was on the other line.

Here was Rebecca “the to be Mom”. Totally changed, beaming with pride as well as joy. We ran a number of tests. While running the tests she informed me that she is no more averse to drugs and will do anything for a wholesome pregnancy & baby. I was happy as well as content. More than my medical training, my upbringing to guide and also understand individuals in hardship had assisted me get Rebecca on the right track.

Rebecca became a special patient to me. You seldom see a change in the individuals personality however Rebecca had undergone a massive transformation. She was happy and the pregnancy period ended in great celebration when she delivered a healthy baby. Her Mother in Law and husband were glowing with joy, their joy knew no bounds. I left the delivery room with my normal quip …”she’s beautiful, make sure you repay God by loving her right; the usual promises followed.

This was the truth of … a bit of human touch…, why was Rebecca averse to drugs? I never found out, however it doesn’t matter at this time.


Emotional in addition to physical strength together with the proper guidance from a Gynaecologist are more than enough in many cases where people are not able to get pregnant due to one of the other cause. Winning a person’s self-confidence & enlisting their trust would be the first step to curing.

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