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High Blood Pressure can be Dangerous to the Mother and Child During Pregnancy


High blood pressure is dangerous for both mother and child during pregnancy states Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD. The condition of high blood pressure whether during pregnancy or after the conception requires medication. There are some things that are required to know about blood pressure. There are various risks related to high blood pressure during pregnancy such as

• Reduced flow of blood to the placenta: High blood pressure reduces the supply of oxygen and crucial minerals to the baby. Hence, it slows down the growth of the baby and boosting the risk of low weight of baby during his/her birth.

• Abruption of placenta: With high blood pressure, the placenta gets separated from the uterus. The abruption of placenta results in the reduced supply of oxygen to the baby. Furthermore, it causes high bleeding in mother.

• Premature delivery: High blood pressure can result in premature delivery of the baby. Due to high blood pressure, doctors recommend early delivery of baby to avoid any worse situation and complication.

• Cardiovascular diseases: Women suffering from high blood pressure are vulnerable to diseases like cardiovascular. Women develop preeclampsia which is a serious situation related to high blood pressure. The condition increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in future.

There are different types of high blood pressure that can develop during pregnancy. Some of these types are:

• Chronic hypertension: Chronic hypertension is defined as the condition that arises before pregnancy or during pregnancy before 20 weeks. It can last more than 2 months after delivery.

• Gestational hypertension: Gestational hypertension is the condition that arises after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It generally goes away after the baby is born.

• Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is the condition that arises due to very high blood pressure. It can lead to severe conditions and can affect the baby leading to fatal conditions.

The symptoms of preeclampsia are seen gradually such as:

• Constant headaches

• Alteration in eye sight such as unclear vision, irregular lights, compassion to light and even loss of eye sight

• Higher pain in abdomen particularly on the right side

• Gain in weight especially suddenly in a week

• Swelled face and hands

Since swelling is common symptom in pregnancy so it can’t be taken as a reliable symptom of preeclampsia. In case, lady develops preeclampsia then doctors monitor her and her baby. They recommend complete bed rest in such cases. In order to cure this disease, doctors recommend delivery of baby.

Getting Pregnant with high BP check with Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD

Women who suffer high blood pressure can get pregnant but it is important to consult your doctor. In case, women suffering from high blood pressure get pregnant, they should immediately talk to their doctor. Ladies with high blood pressure have more complications than the ones who don’t suffer from it.

Treating high blood pressure with Dr. Maureen Muoneke

Medication required for ladies suffering from high blood pressure can impact the baby’s health. There are certain medications which help in reducing the blood pressure. But there are medications like angiotensin that coverts enzymes must be completely avoided. But treatment is crucial. The problems of heart attack and other problems related to high blood pressure are common during pregnancy. It can be highly dangerous for the baby also. Women suffering from high blood pressure can consult their doctor so that he can prescribe medications. The medications must not be taken without consulting the health provider and should be taken as prescribed.

Though high blood pressure is common among ladies, they should talk to their health care provider to avoid any kind of complications and have a secure delivery.

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