Studying the relation between age and fertility in women with Maureen Muoneke

Modern lifestyle has been the culprit in many human beings for a variety of health problems. Our eating habits along with the changing socio economic trends all are contributing towards the kind of problems we are facing n terms of health and fitness. Any disorder in the body is attributed to microorganisms or faulty working of a body part however there are times when an individual himself is responsible for the problems that have cropped up in his or her life. Inability to conceive a child in human beings is one such problem which can sometimes be traced to the wrong decisions one has taken in life.

According to Maureen Muoneke a gynecologist based in Conyers, GA the best age to bear a child is before 30-35 years since the human body is at the prime of its health. Chances of the female body to bear a child after the age of 35 go considerably down. Women planning to have a child after the age of 35 need to see a doctor every six months once they try to conceive a child.

An interesting fact noted by Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD here is that a majority of women in USA have started planning kids only after 35 years of age. This trend has been attributed to the fact that couples are trying hard to get settled in their careers, building a home for themselves, buying a car or even searching for a compatible partner with whom they can spend their life. This trend has a negative effect not only on the health of the female who has decided to go the family way it can also be detrimental to the progeny’s health since the risk of many congenital disorders increases with the advancing age.

Dr. Maureen Muoneke who has worked closely with many women facing infertility problems informs that the ovaries at and after the age of 35 don’t retain the health that they had say 5 years back. The ovaries are less able to release eggs which are quite important to give birth to a child. A decrease in the number of eggs released is another factor that makes conceiving a hard task at a higher age. The quality of eggs produced by such ovaries are not able to perform to their fullest and may not be able to fertilize.

Chances of miscarriage in women who have crossed 35 and are approaching 40 increases manifold which is not only detrimental to the physical health of the female but is also a huge emotional loss for the woman.

Where socio economic conditions have changed the lifestyle of individuals advancements in medical sciences has been able to help such individuals in a big way who have been unable to bear a child due to one or the other reason. In fact Maureen Muoneke MD has gone through a number of cases in her profession where medical science has been instrumental in helping couples who had been struggling to become parents. However Dr. Maureen has a word of caution for individuals who are running late in extending their family. Smoking, heavy uses of alcohol, drugs need to be avoided at all costs if you really want to become parents of healthy individuals. Apart from that Dr. Maureen stresses the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet especially in couples who have decided to go in for kinds after the age of 35.

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