High Blood Pressure can be Dangerous to the Mother and Child During Pregnancy

High blood pressure is dangerous for both mother and child during pregnancy states Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD. The condition of high blood pressure whether during pregnancy or after the conception requires medication. There are some things that are required to know about blood pressure. There are various risks related to high blood pressure during pregnancy such as

• Reduced flow of blood to the placenta: High blood pressure reduces the supply of oxygen and crucial minerals to the baby. Hence, it slows down the growth of the baby and boosting the risk of low weight of baby during his/her birth.

• Abruption of placenta: With high blood pressure, the placenta gets separated from the uterus. The abruption of placenta results in the reduced supply of oxygen to the baby. Furthermore, it causes high bleeding in mother.

• Premature delivery: High blood pressure can result in premature delivery of the baby. Due to high blood pressure, doctors recommend early delivery of baby to avoid any worse situation and complication.

• Cardiovascular diseases: Women suffering from high blood pressure are vulnerable to diseases like cardiovascular. Women develop preeclampsia which is a serious situation related to high blood pressure. The condition increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in future.

There are different types of high blood pressure that can develop during pregnancy. Some of these types are:

• Chronic hypertension: Chronic hypertension is defined as the condition that arises before pregnancy or during pregnancy before 20 weeks. It can last more than 2 months after delivery.

• Gestational hypertension: Gestational hypertension is the condition that arises after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It generally goes away after the baby is born.

• Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is the condition that arises due to very high blood pressure. It can lead to severe conditions and can affect the baby leading to fatal conditions.

The symptoms of preeclampsia are seen gradually such as:

• Constant headaches

• Alteration in eye sight such as unclear vision, irregular lights, compassion to light and even loss of eye sight

• Higher pain in abdomen particularly on the right side

• Gain in weight especially suddenly in a week

• Swelled face and hands

Since swelling is common symptom in pregnancy so it can’t be taken as a reliable symptom of preeclampsia. In case, lady develops preeclampsia then doctors monitor her and her baby. They recommend complete bed rest in such cases. In order to cure this disease, doctors recommend delivery of baby.

Getting Pregnant with high BP check with Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD

Women who suffer high blood pressure can get pregnant but it is important to consult your doctor. In case, women suffering from high blood pressure get pregnant, they should immediately talk to their doctor. Ladies with high blood pressure have more complications than the ones who don’t suffer from it.

Treating high blood pressure with Dr. Maureen Muoneke

Medication required for ladies suffering from high blood pressure can impact the baby’s health. There are certain medications which help in reducing the blood pressure. But there are medications like angiotensin that coverts enzymes must be completely avoided. But treatment is crucial. The problems of heart attack and other problems related to high blood pressure are common during pregnancy. It can be highly dangerous for the baby also. Women suffering from high blood pressure can consult their doctor so that he can prescribe medications. The medications must not be taken without consulting the health provider and should be taken as prescribed.

Though high blood pressure is common among ladies, they should talk to their health care provider to avoid any kind of complications and have a secure delivery.

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Don’t panic consult a doctor if you are not able to conceive

In terms of planning for a child, you happen to be often bombarded with data through most people a person meets. The aged and also seasoned women an individual meet try to educate you with every bit of information they are aware of. You’ll find likelihood that the majority of parts an individual hears are fallacies or even myths which might be lacking of almost any reasoning at all. Most of us talk about a few common myths as well as why you ought to get dump them instantly. Below are some fallacies with regards to conceiving that you have to know about.

Making love everyday increases the probability of getting pregnant

It’s a frequent thought that if you make love on a daily basis, the likelihood of conceiving rise. The simple fact, on the other hand, is usually that the only time during which the probability of getting pregnant with are generally high, is definitely ovulation. Thus, if you’re working to make a new baby, the easiest method to do it should be to plan it according to your own menstrual cycle. It genuinely would not matter if you do “it” ten times each day but aren’t ovulating. Lately, menstrual cycle calendars can be downloaded simply and also ovulation strips are usually readily available. You can utilize these kind of sensible aids along with your physician’s direction.

Periods are actually associated with birth control method

It is a fact that you don’t ovulate whenever you are having your period. Even so, girls with intermittent menstrual cycles or maybe short cycles can easily ovulate on their periods. Likewise, the particular semen can easily survive for about 5 days inside the female reproductive canal. In the event that an individual sperm pulls through, it is adequate in order to fertilise an ovum.

Yogic headstands increase virility

Any time men and women are not able to conceive regardless of repeated initiatives, these people get eager and check every single trick inside the book. That is among those beliefs that lots of girls do not hesitate to test. While there isn’t any real dangerous unwanted effects, the fact is that it’s totally not logical. Controlling your whole body on your head, established against a wall, will help the sperm to move quicker towards the actual reproductive system channel, would be the thinking behind it. Nevertheless, the fact is that the actual method the particular semen can swim and also reaches the unfertilised egg can’t be controlled whatsoever.

The tablet makes people infertile

Birth control products are usually effectively hormonal supplements and they are associated with some sideeffects. Nevertheless, as soon as the tablet is actually halted, its outcomes dissapear too. But you should be mindful here. Comply with your own physician’s (Dr Maureen Muoneke) guidance carefully to protect yourself from screwing out with your own hormonal harmony. In case proper prescribed recommendations are usually put into practice, there is no way the pill may be associated with sterility.

Caffeine is actually “anti pregnancy”

An excessive amount of coffee is probably not the most beneficial refreshment on the subject of overall wellness, but it’s certainly not “anti pregnancy”. Sure, it has been demonstrated that coffee can make a woman sultry or maybe irritated, or perhaps may restrict the woman’s rest patterns, but it can’t destroy her reproductive overall health. Even though, it’s a good idea that coffee consumption should invariably be in moderation.

The foods you eat affects your current fertility

Many individuals suggest that ingesting some nutrients may lead to greater or maybe reduced likelihood of pregnancy. This is just a myth that you need to forget about. There isn’t any reliable research regarding how consuming certain foods can affect your current virility, since it is damaged only because of your hormonal sense of balance and thus your menstrual cycle.

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Role of walking during pregnancy as explained by Maureen Muoneke

walkAs outlined by Dr. Maureen Muoneke Walking is undoubtedly an ordinary routine activity a large number of individuals ignore. Nevertheless, it is an wonderful and also free natural exercise that will help you to stay healthy, live longer, keep happy, maintain a healthy weight, enjoy time together with friends and relations, be social with individuals in your locality and even care for the atmosphere.

It is thought to be a really good exercise. Actually, young children need to engage themselves in walking along with staying fit. Despite the fact that normal people can consider strolling quickly for about 150 minutes a week, typically on a routine basis but for expecting mothers 30 minutes modest walking is a useful one and is valuable.

Helps prevent the occurrence of Gestational diabetes

Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD has seen that Gestational diabetes is abundant with blood sugar level in pregnancy. For this reason, walking is an excellent way to relieve the occurrence of gestational diabetes. It raises the chance of the lady to be attacked by 2 types of diabetes. Also, it may cause the child to be born large and also have jaundice. Thus, walking during pregnancy is known as perfect for both mother and also the infant.

Inhibits constipation

Apart from gestational diabetes, constipation can certainly be one of the frequent symptoms during pregnancy. Nonetheless, going for walks aids relieve as well as prevent it. Half an hour stroll daily is wonderful for expecting mother. Even so, you have to completely avoid brisk walks. It can help in quicker plus straightforward delivery without much pain. Walking within near-by parks as opposed to going to gym for workouts might be more feasible for the, would- be- mother. It can help to economize that couples would likely spend on heavy gym fees for the convenience of expecting mother. The same can be used for the getting better products necessary to care for the baby down the line.

Other health advantages of strolling include-

Larger rate of fitness along with a greater rate of vigor through labour

Fast and convenient weight-loss right after delivery

Decreased probability of morning sickness

Reduced risk of bowel obstruction as well as other aches and pains attributable to pregnancy

Decreased probability of sleeplessness during the night

Having the advantages of strolling during pregnancy, expectant women may think about taking modest walks each day to remain fit. However, they have to remain watchful for a few things-

Look for medical advice if there are any medical complications.

Correct rate of walking is determined by your prior exercise experience and also your level of fitness. Adhere to all such conditions to avoid just about any problem later on. Avoid brisk walking no matter how fast you might be walking before.

Increase your walking habit slowly if you’re new to it.

Don’t exert yourself and if you don’t feel right, stop right away.

Don’t walk long distances alternatively walk shorter distances to stay fresh in subsequent part of the day

Develop good walking technique slowly.

Walk slowly than you might be walking formerly.

Stroll on flat surfaces and don’t experiment.

Keep away from exercising as well as walking during hot days.

Carry filtered water with you and stay hydrated.

As your delivery date approaches, don’t go for walks to distant spots and keep your cell phone with you all the time.

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Dr. Maureen Muoneke gives a humane touch to medical treatment

I still remember the day Rebecca entered my office. The lady was an individual who had lost her self-esteem and was in deep difficulty. The very fact that she wasn’t able to get pregnant even after 5 years of marriage was taking its toll not simply physically, but also mentally and also emotionally. Rebecca was really a chirpy individual lively during her college times as informed to me by one of her buddies who’s known to me and on whose reference Rebecca had been meeting me.

Emotional Assistance essential in accordance with Dr. Maureen Muoneke

While sitting in my clinic I was able to comprehend the state of mind that Rebecca had been under-going. The lady broke down repeatedly. The fact that she was not in the position to have a baby in itself was there on her head however the lack of emotional service from the society as well as family was something that was actually taking a toll on this young lady. Being a Physician and having researched a bit of Human mindset I was able to recognize that despite the fact that the woman was being backed by her loved ones in meeting new physicians however no-one was there whenever she needed a shoulder to cry. She cried however in solitude. Today she’d a shoulder i.e. Dr. Maureen Muoneke’s. Given that, I understand the actual emotional, physical and mental upheavals one undergoes in this period of life.

Emotional and also Mental Support In conjunction with Medical Treatment – Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD

I was equipped to have an understanding of Rebecca’s problem had been a lot more regarding the emotional and mental stress, the particular concerns which had taken over in her own pursuit to conceive we executed a number of tests which were all normal, there was no evident indication that she couldn’t achieve as well as carry a pregnancy.

The problem with Rebecca was that she was emotionally unpredictable and wouldn’t rely on virtually any doctor or physician with any of their treatments. She had built an idea that she was infertile and will not be in a position to bear a child.

This is when we won the combat. Considering that one of Rebecca’s friends was known to me she’d this kind of great feeling of belief in me. I had been in a position to build on that trust, as well as made her speak to a handful of my past patients who’d benefitted immediately after treatment with me in past times. This was a major enhance towards the trusting relationship I was wanting to build with Rebecca. I explained to her the possible difficulty why she wasn’t capable of have a baby. She had a small thyroid disorder. She appeared to be averse to taking drugs. Her deep aversion for prescription drugs was noticeable when she flatly refused to have any of the prescribed drugs I had recommended for her. She was prepared for surgery treatment but absolutely no medicines please she told me.

It was a thing rather unanticipated even for me since individuals presented responses that had been quite contrary that Rebecca had. Half an hour of counselling and making her understand the utilization of medicines & of medical procedures relied about the nature of the issue; unindicated surgical treatment can only hurt not help, each had its own indicators, along with associated hazards and also positive aspects. What was the real cause of Rebecca’s aversion? However I was not finished as yet and planned to meet her husband.

Rebecca’s husband along with Rebecca’s Mother in law were waiting for me the very next day in my clinic the very next day after meeting Rebecca. They realized Rebecca’s reaction for medicines. I had thirty minutes session with each of them and was able to convince them the value of the medicines I’d recommended for her. I was able to sell my point to them and they were convinced of my logics as well as medical reasons aside from that they were able to see a change in Rebecca’s perspective since she had met me yesterday. Both mother and son were seeing a ray of hope and I was determined to help get them the happiness they had looking for the past 5 years.

A number of follow-ups over the up coming three months which included me personally dropping in to Rebecca’s house with my friend along with Rebecca visiting my clinic, meeting with her husband and his mom; Rebecca concieved.

I was prepared to leave office that evening and grabbed the ringing landline assuming that here is the last call for the day I will take on the landline. I was able to hear a voice I wasn’t able to recognize, the lady was Rebecca, ecstatic just like a child who just won her very first painting competition. She broke the news; she was pregnant and she was on her way to my clinic. Although it was already late however I planned to wait for the girl that was on the other line.

Here was Rebecca “the to be Mom”. Totally changed, beaming with pride as well as joy. We ran a number of tests. While running the tests she informed me that she is no more averse to drugs and will do anything for a wholesome pregnancy & baby. I was happy as well as content. More than my medical training, my upbringing to guide and also understand individuals in hardship had assisted me get Rebecca on the right track.

Rebecca became a special patient to me. You seldom see a change in the individuals personality however Rebecca had undergone a massive transformation. She was happy and the pregnancy period ended in great celebration when she delivered a healthy baby. Her Mother in Law and husband were glowing with joy, their joy knew no bounds. I left the delivery room with my normal quip …”she’s beautiful, make sure you repay God by loving her right; the usual promises followed.

This was the truth of … a bit of human touch…, why was Rebecca averse to drugs? I never found out, however it doesn’t matter at this time.


Emotional in addition to physical strength together with the proper guidance from a Gynaecologist are more than enough in many cases where people are not able to get pregnant due to one of the other cause. Winning a person’s self-confidence & enlisting their trust would be the first step to curing.

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Dental Health during Pregnancy – Debunking some Myths with Maureen Muoneke

This is an important time for the maintenance or starting of dental hygiene feels Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD. It is important also to dispel the myth of “no dentist during pregnancy”

Pregnancy is a time when there are a lot of changes in the hormonal balance in the pregnant mother, there are lots of physiological changes including increases in fluid and blood volume can result in dental caries & gum disease.

1. Pregnancy can be negatively impacted by poor dental health. It is important to obtain needed dental care & treatment anytime during pregnancy. Women should also get a scheduled cleaning at least once during pregnancy

2. It is alright to receive XRays that are necessary for the diagnosis & treatment of dental problems during pregnancy, this should only be done if necessary, and with the safe use of appropriate shieldings.

3. It is alright to use Non-NSAID analgesics like acetaminophen; narcotics can be used if needed, this will have to be prescribed by either your dentist or obstetrician.

4. Certain Antibiotics can be used in pregnancy, eg amoxicillin, your dentist should clear the use of such antibiotics with you obstetrician.

5. Local anesthesia can be used during dental work to prevent pain. Your dentist is aware of what type and doses to use.

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Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD stresses the need to remain healthy during pregnancy

It’s time to get ready to get pregnant in addition to experience motherhood once you with your companion have agreed to it. However, during this time, an individual’s focus ought to be on preparing your system regarding health and wellness to permit the carrying of new life, as well as maintenance of your body & mind. If possible, the preparation to carry a child should be begun a minimum of six months prior to getting pregnant, or immediately following your decision to try and get pregnant.

Based on Dr. Maureen Muoneke the initial step is definitely to get a good entire examination with a gynecologist – this is called a preconceptual visit, in which your current health background, which includes family history along with a full examination is going to be conducted.

Things to avoid during this time consist of drinking alcohol, tobacco use and illegal substance abuse.

You must say a clear ‘no’ to consumption of alcohol in addition to smoking because that would certainly impact your egg fertilization influencing your baby’s wellbeing.

Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD suggests cutting short this habit at least three months earlier rather than leaving it during the actual pregnancy only.

On many occasions, using tobacco, alcohol consumption and medicines use often leads to miscarriages, birth flaws, leads to miscarriages, giving birth to low weight children and has been related to SIDS, to name a few.

If you are using any of these, now is the time to cease these habits… prior to conceiving.

Working out for a smooth delivery

Exercise plays a significant part in getting the body in form. Start off performing exercises at least three months before you try to conceive, that is if you don’t already. This enables you to stay lively in pregnancy and would certainly also be advantageous during labor.

Doctors typically advice to take part in aerobics mainly because it upturns the metabolism levels and in some cases enables you to stay within your ideal pregnancy weight range, as well as preserve your mood steady during the nine months. Apart from aerobic exercises, other accepted pre-pregnancy workouts are going for walks, swimming and also jogging. It is important to begin progressively and then improve exercise as per your tolerance level increases. Usually exercising in the course of pre-pregnancy time period comes with list of benefits. Most of these are –

Weight loss and obtaining body inside shape

More powerful muscles which will get prepared for delivery

Tension reliever

Enhanced body posture especially deep in to the pregnancy

Faster recovery after child is born

Emotional benefits

Talk to your physician about your exercise activity & ideas.

Sustain nutritious diet

Apart from performing exercises in order to get into shape, having nutritious diet is essential, this is the time to get rid of the actual junk food and bring in the healthier options. Make sure you’re taking a comprehensive diet, Three daily meals is very important and there is no point missing virtually any meal. Calcium and folic acid is tremendously encouraged during this. At the same time, minimize caffeine ingestion in addition to take green tea as an option to that. Prenatal vitamins can be a valuable adjunct.

Once you exercise regularly in addition to maintain a structured diet, a person can think about bearing a child shortly. Other than this, you should definitely prevent almost any stress as well as tension to keep your mood happy. Whenever possible, plan some journeys to spend some quality time. Keeping a proper frame of mind is vital when you want to give birth to a new life.

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Dr. Maureen Muoneke advises on the regimen to follow during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase for a woman in her life feels Dr. Maureen Muoneke. The moments are most cherished and feeling of “being a mother soon” stays with a lady forever. To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, it is imperative to take care of baby in the womb. This could be possible in few simple but very important steps. Yes my dear ladies, these really work effectively during those cherished nine months. The span of these months is all about discipline and a strict preparation for the baby to come. A lady gets to know about new things that can help enhance optimal development of the baby in womb. Dr. Maureen Muoneke MD presents some tips that ensure smart choices for your baby who is developing in your womb.

Frequent visits to your doctor – Your doctor is your best guide during your pregnancy phase feels Maureen Muoneke. Ensure regular visits to your doctor to discuss about your condition and mental state. You should not hesitate to clear any doubt distracting you during pregnancy. Ask him questions to clear them completely. Doctor would screen you frequently to let you know about the health of your baby.

Maureen Muoneke MD on Balanced Diet – This should be on top of your priority list. Eating balanced diet ensures you baby is getting enough feed. You baby is getting food through you so your diet must not be compromised in any scenario. Your diet must have green vegetables, fruits, whole grains providing the supplementary vitamin-B and minerals like omega-3 that are essential throughout this time. Dairy products like milk, curd, cheese that offer essential calcium, vitamins A and D. Steer clear of junk food, fish products, undercooked meat, raw eggs. Diet containing excess of fat, sugar and unhealthy oils must be restricted. Eat as if you are feeding your baby. Ultimately, the food you eat is provided to baby in womb.

The importance of prenatal vitamins – Since your body requires optimal development so prenatal vitamins can lend a hand giving your baby a growing body developed with all the necessary nutrients. These vitamins generally lack in regular diet. You doctor can guide you best on the supplement to be taken during pregnancy.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs – You will have to avoid consuming harmful things into your body since a new life is resting inside you. Avoid alcohol or any kind beverages containing the same. Even stay away from the recreational drugs as they may harm your baby’s health. Smoking is another habit you should steer clear from.

Sleep well during pregnancy – Sleep is indeed important during pregnancy. You should take enough sleep for a healthy pregnancy. Try to use pillows to rest your legs in case you face issues with it. Adequate sleep will keep you fresh throughout the day.

Exercise to maintain health – It is recommended by most of the doctors to exercise frequently during pregnancy to ensure healthy body. However, it has been a misconception among people that exercising during pregnancy is not good for baby rather it ensures smoother pregnancy.

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